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UK Property News – April 2018 Summary

It’s that time again – a recap of last month’s UK property investment news. April was not a bad month for the property investment sector. Even with the government’s mortgage interest tax relief changes that cut landlord profits at the start of the month, the UK buy-to-let sector and UK […]

UK hotel sector
The UK Is Europe’s Most In Demand Country For Hotel Investments

Hotel investments are a popular choice for property investors in the UK and overseas. Many overseas investors see the massive potential in the UK’s hotel sector, which is why in 2017 the UK was named the number one hotel investment country in Europe according to CBRE’s European Hotel Investor Intentions […]

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The Ultimate Buy-To-Let Guide For Savvy Investors

The team at Sterling Woodrow believe that keeping our clients well-informed is the key to a profitable and successful investment. That is why, in our buy-to-let guide, we strongly recommend that clients should opt for a fully-managed property investment rather than becoming a traditional landlord. Buy-To-Let has been a sure […]

overseas property investment
An Overseas Property Investment Would Be A Great Addition To Your Portfolio

We have previously looked at how foreign investors, mostly from Asia, are taking advantage of the prosperous UK property market and a recent report from CRBE found that in the last quarter of 2017, a record breaking £3.2bn out of the £4.8bn invested into London properties came from Asian property […]

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UK Property News – March 2018 Summary

The month of March has been a fairly quiet one compared to the recent norm of the UK’s volatile yet buoyant property market. While the UK property market and it’s investors have continued to remain resilient to the ongoing government changes and the hurdles that property investors now have to […]

yield on property investment
Investors Are Moving Away From London Because The Yield On Property Investment Is Higher In The North

When you are talking about the UK in terms of the North and the South, it’s like black and white. Whether it is the lifestyle, property market or accents, there is a big difference between North and South. A lot of things differ including the size, economy, and culture, so […]

high yield property investment
Is Property A Good Investment In The UK? The Northern Powerhouse Is Creating New Property Investment Hotspots

A concept announced by former Chancellor George Osborne in 2014, the UK’s Northern Powerhouse and its population of over 15 million people has come a long way, steadily gathering pace as a collective force that could rival the economy in London and the South East. London used to be known […]

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UK Property News – January/February 2018 Summary

2017 was an eventful year for the UK property market and in that time there was a lot of new legislative changes in the property investment industry that has elevated apprehension for many people already in the game and many others who want to join the industry. On top of […]

buy student property
Why Glasgow Is An Excellent Buy-To-Let Student Accommodation Investment Hotspot

Many people will certainly think of London and Manchester when the words, ‘buy-to-let student accommodation’ are mentioned. Whilst these areas are prevalent in the student accommodation investment sector, they have become over-saturated with student developments. That means that students will have more options for purpose-built housing, creating a lot of […]

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Buying An Investment Property To Get The Highest Returns

Property investment has been a strong investment asset class for decades, in most cases outperforming many other mainstream forms of investment. The process for buying an investment property has changed a lot over the years simply because the market is always changing. Nevertheless, property investment remains one of the most […]