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Property as an investment is one of the world’s most secure asset class, but it is important to understand the market and how different types of investment opportunities are governed by different factors. When you have the right investment type, location and demand, it can be highly profitable for the investor. Some investors enjoy property investing on a small scale, whilst others are full-time and go on to build a significant portfolio. Whatever your circumstances and goals, you need to be aware of all the different types of property investment and which will be the most beneficial for you.

Fully-managed investments are properties that have a professional team installed to run the development on behalf of the investors.

This management team will take care of all onsite issues and will carry out repairs, upgrades and any other work that is required to maintain the property.

As well as maintaining the physical building, depending on what type of development it is - student accommodation, care home or hotel - the management team will also oversee the delivery of the associated services. This means that when you invest in a hotel, for example, the hotel will continue to be run by the management and staff at no extra cost to the investor.

The management team and onsite service providers ensure that the development continues to be profitable, whether that is through building upkeep and/or delivery of appropriate professional services, in order to ensure the success of the investment.


Sterling Woodrow, are experts in sourcing profitable property investments for savvy investors. Our skills and expertise mean that all of our property investments are thoroughly researched. This means we only work with developers and management companies that have a track record and we trust.

We offer high yielding opportunities at good rates and assured rental income from the moment your contracts are exchanged. Our fully-managed investments are ideal for busy investors, overseas investors or first-time buyers who don’t have the time or have yet to fully develop their skills in property investing and management.

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Hotel Property Investments Global traveller numbers hit over 1 billion on a yearly basis meaning a 6th of the world’s population are potentially looking for hotel accommodation. With this in mind investing in hotels has been a wise move by savvy investors for a long time. It is often the […]

Student Property Investments

Student Property for Sale Student property investments have been one of the UK’s strongest performing asset classes, outperforming most other investment opportunities in the commercial property sector. One of the key driving factors behind the high returns is simply due to the nature of student accommodation. Unlike regular residential dwellings […]

Care Home Investments

Care Home Investment UK The Health and Social Care Industry are currently worth in excess of £20 Billion. The increase in demand is very easy to understand when you consider the great advances in modern medicine and technology. The UK has an ageing population with government reports indicating that the […]

Global traveller numbers hit over 1 billion on a yearly basis meaning a 6th of the world's population are potentially looking for hotel accommodation. With this in mind investing in hotels has been a wise move by savvy investors for a long time. It is a known well fact that if you try to book a hotel room within days of travelling you will most likely fall into troubles as hotels are often fully booked, especially in parts of the UK.

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Cumbria Park Hotel

Purchase Process Reservation Fee £6,000 (Including £1,000 admin and handling fee). Balanced Paid Within 14 – 21 days to UK lawyers. Completion Within 4 – 6 weeks of reservation.

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