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Senior Housing Investment Is A Lucrative Sector With High Demand

Senior Housing Investment Is A Lucrative Sector With High Demand

In one of our older blog posts, we outlined the predicted demand for care home properties in the UK and the growing interest in senior housing investment, especially in areas where the elderly population is proportionally higher.

We have some new care home investment opportunities that are perfect for clients who want a long-term investment that can provide high yields without doing any work. Our care home investments cater for the investor as well as the growing demand for retirement housing and elderly care in the UK as a result of the ageing population.

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The Benefits Of A Retirement Village Investment Property

A retirement village investment property is a very lucrative investment with NET yields of up to 10% per annum. The investment is similar to a fully-managed buy-to-let where you can purchase an apartment(s) and receive a NET yield without paying any management costs from your pocket or doing any work.

Care home investments also come with buy-back options during the investment of up to 125%. This means that upon selling the apartment back, you will get back the original amount you spent on purchasing the property plus a profit of up to 25%. Combine this with the rental income you will have received over the years, and it makes for an extremely profitable investment.

In 2016 it was recorded that there were around 20,000 care homes in the UK operated by roughly 5,871 individual owners. The majority of these UK care homes are either private equity companies or real estate investment vehicles.

As government funding for social care declined by more than 20% between 2010 and 2014, according to Age UK, it has meant that care home residents who may have had their rent paid by local councils may no longer be granted that funding. On top of this, as government funding has decreased, staff costs have increased as care homes become agencies who have to spend a lot on recruitment.

The massive financial strain on government funding to keep these facilities operating at high standards with adequate attention to resident care has meant that the care provided has been compromised. This is why the new business model of care home investment with private investors works so well. Businesses that own care homes can leverage the capital raised from investors to maintain the property and improve care delivery, whilst providing each investor with an incentive of an assured NET yield from the revenue they make. This benefits the care home businesses by giving them the funding they need, benefits the investor by giving a lucrative and secure investment, and the benefits the residents who need the specialist care.

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Our UK Care Home Investment For Sale

Our investments always have assured rental yields and the care home sector is no different. In fact, it is the highest yielding fully-managed investment sector that we offer.

Because care home investments need a certain level of specialist attention in terms of the elderly residents who may need health and social care services, we will only work with well-established companies who have experience in running care homes. The company also needs to have a great track record which is supported by other previous successful investors and amazing personal care to their residents from trained staff.

Our care home investments do just that by following a structured business model to ensure that the residents are happy with their level of care and the investors get paid their agreed rental yield each month.

When you invest with us, you have peace of mind knowing that your property is being managed and looked after by a professional team and that you will receive your rental income regularly. Our investments give new and experienced investors the confidence to be comfortable with the fully-managed method of investing. As a Sterling Woodrow investor, you will not take on the responsibilities of a traditional landlord, you will just own the deed to your chosen apartment and receive the rental income straight to your pocket without any ongoing management fees eating into your profits.

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