best property investments
Buying An Investment Property To Get The Highest Returns

Property investment has been a strong investment asset class for decades, in most cases outperforming many other mainstream forms of investment. The process for buying an investment property has changed a lot over the years simply because the market is always changing. Nevertheless, property investment remains one of the most […]

buy student accommodation
Purpose-Built Student Accommodation As An Investment

Why Buy Student Accommodation As An Investment? Student accommodation investments have been amongst the most popular types of property investments in the United Kingdom over the last 5 years. The rise in popularity and profitability of this asset class are indicative of the changes that have taken place in the […]

profitable hotel investments
What Are Hotel Room Investments And Why Are They Profitable?

Hotel room investments are one of the UK’s most profitable property investment sectors and one that is continuing to grow in popularity among a wide-range of property investors, from first-time investors looking to get a quick start in the market, to more experienced investors looking to diversify their portfolio. One […]

houses of parliament
Implications of 2017 Budget For Foreign Property Investors

Housing has been a big focus of the Tory government despite the fact that its flagship programme has failed to deliver a single home in 3 years! So, the budget offered a chance to further legislate against the crisis in housing that grips the country. Therefore, unsurprisingly, the primary measures […]

overseas students uk
EU Students Accepted To UK Universities Second Highest on Record, Whilst Non-EU Overseas Students Coming to Study in UK Has Never Been Higher

As we have reported on many occasions on this blog the student property investment sector has been the top performing investment for many years, buoyed by ever-increasing student numbers and a serious under-supply of suitable housing in cities with major student populations. Both private and institutional, have been extremely active […]

buying hotel rooms for investment
Why Are So Many People Purchasing A Hotel Investment Property?

A hotel property investment can give you a regular passive income together with an exit strategy that can deliver a lump sum profit when you decide to sell up. As an investor you can enjoy the regular, passive rental income along with the lump-sum profit on exit without having to […]

hotel investments
Hotels Are Good Investments for Property Investment Beginners and First-Time Buyers

Hotel investments are a specialist property investment strategy that falls under the commercial property sector. They are slightly different to the traditional buy-to-let property investments because they aren’t exactly ‘residential’. As a result, hotel investments do not attract stamp duty requirements, making them attractive to investors looking to expand their […]

care home investments
The Risks and Rewards of Care Home Investments

All around the world the median age of populations is increasing. In more developed and affluent countries such as the US, western Europe, Japan and South Korea the numbers of elderly residents and retirees living longer has increased rapidly and this trend shows no sign of reversing. This steady and […]

care home investment opportunities
The Reason Now Is The Best Time To Invest In A Care Home Property

Care home investment UK offers investors who wish to build their property portfolio with alternatives to the more traditional buy-to-let residential properties a high-demand and high-return option. Care homes are a growing asset class that can provide its investors with a substantial financial return. In addition, in the long-term, it […]

are retirement homes a good investment
Why Are Care Homes Good Property Investments?

Care home property investments are one of the quickest growing sectors in the property investment world. Due to a growing and ageing population the demand for UK care homes is estimated to increase by a significant 60% between now and the year 2023. A paper published by The Lancet revealed […]