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Investment Property For Sale

Property as an investment is one of the world’s most secure asset class, but it is important to understand the market and how different types of investment opportunities are governed by different factors.

Fully-Managed Property Investments For Sale

When you have the right investment type, location and demand, it can be highly profitable for the investor.

Some investors enjoy property investing on a small scale, whilst others are full-time and go on to build a significant portfolio. Whatever your circumstances and goals, you need to be aware of all the different types of property investment for sale and which will be the most beneficial for you. Fully-managed investments are properties that have a professional team installed to run the development on behalf of the investors. This management team will take care of all onsite issues and will carry out repairs, upgrades and any other work that is required to maintain the property.

UK Property Investment Opportunity Hotspots

London remains one of the best and most stable areas in the UK to search for investment properties for sale, however, as other cities have developed in infrastructure and become more accessible with improved transport links, several other locations in the UK have emerged as property investment hotspots.


Manchester is fast becoming one of the most attractive places to live and work in the UK, and growing property prices are reflective of this growth as the UK’s ‘capital of the North’. Manchester is a diverse property investment opportunity location, home to students, couples, and families all making up this developing city. Read more about property investment in Manchester.


Similar to Manchester, Liverpool has fantastic opportunities and potential investment properties for sale. In addition to the lucrative rental yields available to buy-to-let investors in Liverpool’s city centre, the city is home to a huge student population, bringing with them plenty of attractive student property investment opportunities. Read more about property investment in Liverpool.


There are many factors that make Sheffield an attractive location for property investors: low property prices, booming business sector, student population to name a few. Sheffield has seen a surge of redevelopment in recent years and this regeneration programme is attracting many new people to the city creating demand for a range of rental properties. Read more about property investment opportunities in Sheffield.


Newcastle is the perfect investment property location for investors looking to get in early and purchase investment properties for sale at below market value, with rapid growth expected to come in the near future. A growing job market, popular tourist attractions, and a strong international presence are all reasons why the property market in Newcastle is expected to thrive and reward investors generously. Read more about property investment opportunities in Newcastle.

Profitable Management-Lead Investment Properties For Sale

As well as maintaining the physical building, depending on what type of development it is – student accommodation, care home or hotel – the management team will also oversee the delivery of the associated services.

This means that when you invest in a hotel, for example, the hotel will continue to be run by the management and staff at no extra cost to the investor. The management team and onsite service providers ensure that the development continues to be profitable, whether that is through building upkeep and/or delivery of appropriate professional services, in order to ensure the success of the investment.

Sterling Woodrow, are experts in sourcing profitable property investments for savvy investors. Our skills and expertise mean that all of our property investments are thoroughly researched. This means we only work with developers and management companies that have a track record and we trust.

We offer high yielding investment property opportunities at good rates and assured rental income from the moment your contracts are exchanged. Our fully-managed investments are ideal for busy investors, overseas investors or first-time buyers who don’t have the time or have yet to fully develop their skills in property investing and management.

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