Investment Property: Get The Highest Returns

Buying An Investment Property To Get The Highest Returns

Property investment has been a strong investment asset class for decades, in most cases outperforming many other mainstream forms of investment. The process for buying an investment property has changed a lot over the years simply because the market is always changing. Nevertheless, property investment remains one of the most common types of investment alongside cash, bonds and shares.

One of the reasons why investors feel so comfortable with investing in property is because it is a tangible asset that can build capital.

More recently, investing in property has become a tedious and time-consuming process. What used to be a sure way of making a profit has now become risky, time-consuming and less rewarding financially. Traditional buy-to-lets and HMO properties used to be the only way for investors to get their foot in the property investment door, however now there are fully-managed hotel room property investment that bypass the hassle, whilst at the same time delivering high yields which are contractually assured.

Property Investment For Beginners – Investing has never been so easy!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire or a wealthy entrepreneur to build a property portfolio. There are many options that make it easier for anyone to be a private property investor.

Due to the UK housing shortage and the costs of building new homes, many private developers are now turning to other types of building projects to keep up with housing various facets of the growing population. This means that becoming a property investor is more achievable for the average working person as these non-residential property projects come with a lower purchase price and as they are fully-managed it means that no experience is necessary. A fully-managed property also does not take up any of the investor’s time meaning that you can continue working full-time and enjoy your free time at weekends as before.

A fully-managed property investment offers investors a lot more flexibility when it comes to owning a property. The process of investing in a property, managing it and selling it on has become an effortless process for property beginners and savvy investors alike.

You no longer have to deal with estate agent fees, lengthy renovations and refurbishments, costly maintenance fees, stress-inducing tenants and surviving on last month’s rent during void periods.

Being a traditional buy-to-let landlord or converting your own HMO seems like a full-time job rather than a source of passive income with so many new regulations, taxes and licenses required. A fully-managed service makes property investment for beginners easy, takes away the risks and boosts the rewards with minimal effort from the investor.

What We Can Offer Property Investors – The Best Property Investments

You may be wondering how it can be possible to get such high returns without having to commit to managing the property. The answer is simple: it is all managed on your behalf by professionals with all returns assured in the written contract.

We have worked with many first-time buyers who didn’t have any experience in property management and didn’t know where to start. A service like ours is unique because our property experts are portfolio managers. Our staff are capable of sourcing the best property investments to make sure all clients get the most out of their investment money.

Our portfolio managers look for properties that:

Provide instant capital appreciation – We want to give our clients the best deals, therefore we tend to focus on off-plan properties which are still in development, giving the investor a lower purchase price than the market value after completion.

Are in promising locations – Many investors assume larger cities are better locations, however, due to regeneration in other parts of the UK, we have found that the north is doing very well in terms of property investment. Also, different types of property will do better in certain areas, for example, care home investments do very well in coastal and countryside areas, whilst student accommodation investments perform best in northern university towns. These untapped locations with high demand have a higher chance of better returns.

Give high yields – Areas such as London and the south-east have higher property prices and lower returns. These areas are expensive, over-saturated with competition and residents have a lot of options to choose from. We look for properties in locations that assure a high NET yield.

Have high demand – High yields are important, but it is not the only factor to consider. If there is a high enough demand, the property will do well. Our experts research areas that have a rising demand for a sustainable investment.

Have a reputable developer and management company – Our specialty of done-for-you property investments mean that we can offer a fully-managed service, from research to exit strategy. We do our due diligence to find developers who deliver, and our developers have management companies with an amazing track record. This means you won’t have to deal with maintenance and the ongoing fees that come with it. Many of our investments have an exit strategy built-in, and we can help you sell any investment property that is getting a return.

Fully-Managed Property Investment Types

Nowadays, there are many alternatives to traditional buy-to-lets that investors in the UK and overseas are taking advantage of. Some types of fully managed property investments include:

Buy-to-let – Fully-managed buy-to-lets don’t require you to be the landlord. Whilst you are the owner and leaseholder, you will not be required to manage, maintain and pay for the running of the property. This means that you don’t have to find tenants, chase rent, make repairs, pay for maintenance and respond to late call-outs. Although there are still taxation implications, there are no ongoing maintenance costs, giving you a better return.

Student property – Purpose-built student accommodation is in high demand, which makes it attractive to many investors. To take advantage of the rising student numbers, you don’t have to splash hundreds of thousands of pounds to convert a house into an HMO. You can invest in a student accommodation unit that is fully managed for as little as £50,000 and get an assured rental return for up to 5 years.

Care homes – A care home investment is a specialist commercial property investment that gives investors a very high yield whilst satisfying the ageing population’s demand for retirement homes. This is a long-term investment that has assured returns for up to 10 years, plus there is a buy-back option which makes exit easy and assures capital appreciation.

Hotels – A hotel investment is for those who want to explore the commercial sector. Investing in a hotel means you are investing in the business, which allows you to receive high assured returns as well as a buy-back option for 10-25% above the purchase price upon selling. Like all fully-managed property investments, you are not required to get involved in any aspect of the running, tenanting or maintenance of the property.

Property Investing Can Be A Great Way To Earn Passive Income

We are confident that our property investment opportunities are secure, sustainable and high yielding. Our service takes away the hassle and stress of searching for the best property investment. Our experts do the leg-work to source the best property deals for you. We take into account your budget, your goals and your needs to tailor a property investment around you.

As our client, you won’t need to worry about taking a big risk because our assured returns, professional management, world-class developers, buy-back options and opportunities for capital growth will make sure that you get the best return on your investment that is available.

Sterling Woodrow has many investment opportunities including buy-to-let investment properties, student property investments, care home investments, hotel investment opportunities and overseas investments. All of which feature trusted developers who can offer you up to 10% assured NET returns for up to 10 years, regardless of whether or not your unit is tenanted.

There are no hidden fees or ongoing costs and the property can easily be sold by going back through us or you can choose to renew the contract with the developer for an assured NET return. Optionally, you can also keep the property and manage it yourself or hire a different management company to source tenants and maintain the property.

To get started on earning a monthly rental income with assured returns from day one, choose our services. Our properties start from as little as £70,000 and can give you a NET return from 6 – 10% depending on the sector. You can put your trust in us to find you the best investments and build capital with our property portfolio managers.