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Each type of property investment is different but one thing that all property investments need is serious consideration on the location.

The location of your property is very important because it affects the demand as well as the price of the property. In other words, the property investment won’t give you great returns if there are no suitable tenants, or there is an oversupply of that particular housing in that area.

In an ideal world, the location you invest in should have demand – giving potential for capital growth and strong rental yields. At Sterling Woodrow we thoroughly research all locations so our property investments feature outstanding locations with a lot of potential for great returns.

Our locations vary across the UK, often focusing on the north where the rental yields are high, but we have also offered care home investments in the south-west because this is a picturesque area where lots of people like to retire to.

Best Type Of Property To Invest In

At Sterling Woodrow, we don’t just focus on one area, we source investments from across the UK. We take pride in providing our clients in the UK and overseas with the highest yielding property investment opportunities with assured rental income and hands-free management, making a perfect, stress-free, high-returning investment.

Speak to one of our portfolio managers to find out more about the best locations for residential, buy-to-lets, student accommodation, hotel and care home investments. Our team will tell you where best to invest in specific types of property to get the most returns with a safe, fully managed investment.

Property Investment Locations

Property Investment Liverpool

There has been a major influx of property investors in Liverpool over the last 10 years. At first, this growth was seen in student accommodation investments due to the large student population of 60,000. The rental yields are one of the highest in the UK, especially for student accommodation offering a minimum assured net yield of 9% for 3 years straight. Research has also showed that the region’s growth is not just being fuelled by government funds, but also private companies and investors.

Property Investment London

The city of London has always been at the top of the property market for being the trendiest place to live in England. London has always been the best place to invest in property for overseas investors because of the large population, world renowned universities, comprehensive transport links and famous tourist attractions.

The population of London saw an increase of

Property Investment Manchester

If you haven’t yet heard about the great property investment opportunities in Manchester then you have been living under a rock. Investors have been looking at Manchester for the most lucrative property investments. If the large population of Greater Manchester isn’t enough to convince you of the amazing opportunities, with a overall population of over 2 million, then it will be

Global traveller numbers hit over 1 billion on a yearly basis meaning a 6th of the world's population are potentially looking for hotel accommodation. With this in mind investing in hotels has been a wise move by savvy investors for a long time. It is a known well fact that if you try to book a hotel room within days of travelling you will most likely fall into troubles as hotels are often fully booked, especially in parts of the UK.

Latest Investments
Cumbria Park Hotel

Purchase Process Reservation Fee £6,000 (Including £1,000 admin and handling fee). Balanced Paid Within 14 – 21 days to UK lawyers. Completion Within 4 – 6 weeks of reservation.

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Hotel Investments VS Purpose-Built Student Accommodation And Why Hotel Rooms Are Becoming The More Lucrative Investment

Why Hotel Rooms Are Becoming The More Lucrative Investment Tougher tax regimes, stamp duty surcharges and stricter regulatory requirements for landlords mean the erstwhile honeypot of the property investment game, i.e. traditional residential buy-to-let investments, are slowly making way for alternative commercial property investments, such as hotel room investments and […]