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Commercial properties can obviously offer opportunity for high net-worth investors. With commercial property mainly popping up in the most desirable city centres across not just the UK but the World. With the recent surge of start-up companies, especially in the technology and digital industries, affordable office space is in extreme demand as current businesses are trying desperately to squeeze more and more desks into limited office space.

Due to this demand we mostly offer co-working space, the reason for this is simply for the benefit of our investors. With all these young start-ups often wanting a more laid-back and quirky feel to their working environments  but with a very limited budget co-working space is the perfect solution for them.

Our current commercial solutions are geared towards low entry investments with prices around £18,500, (depending on currency rate) and has the additional benefit that you can pay in different currencies. This allows foreign investors to take full advantage of the weak Pound Sterling following Brexit.

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When investing in commercial property large cities are the only viable option, it is after-all where the vast majority of office based businesses work and rental demand for businesses is almost always outstripping demand. With this in mind we offer some of the most desirable locations in the World. New-York, Dubai and Miami are some of the locations we offer in our commercial investments.

With the combined power of these solid locations and our low entry prices we are pleased to offer first time investors a low entry rate investment situated in the best locations in the World. These prices and the saturated market  allow for high net yields of around 13% with a strong security and high appreciation, thus ticking all the boxes for the perfect investment.

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