Hotel Investments VS Purpose-Built Student Accommodation And Why Hotel Rooms Are Becoming The More Lucrative Investment
Hotel Investments VS Purpose-Built Student Accommodation And Why Hotel Rooms Are Becoming The More Lucrative Investment

Tougher tax regimes, stamp duty surcharges and stricter regulatory requirements for landlords mean the erstwhile honeypot of the property investment game, i.e. traditional residential buy-to-let investments, are slowly making way for alternative commercial property investments, such as hotel room investments and purpose-built student accommodation investments (PBSA). These commercial property investments […]

Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in UK Hotels

The Rise of The 'Staycation' According to travel marketing group, Sojern, UK staycations have soared amongst British travellers due to effects of the weaker pound and continued Brexit-related uncertainty. Adam Ewart from Send My Bag explained that the popularity of taking vacations within the UK during the summer months has […]

grow your portfolio
3 Ways To Accelerate Your Property Portfolio Growth

Is your goal to quickly build a property portfolio that gives you a good return every month? You may already own a property investment and want to expand your portfolio, or you may have a portfolio, but it isn’t quite meeting your financial goals. Whatever the case, we have some […]

property investment exit strategy
Exit Strategies: Breaking Down The Buy Back

Some of our investments feature a buy back option in the contract. First-time investors may not know what a it is, but many investors in fully-managed properties who are familiar with the buy-back see the option as gold dust. What is a Buy Back Option? Buy backs are put in […]

property investment for retirement
The Best Retirement Investments Are Fully-Managed Properties

In this article, we will be going over the advantages of investing in a fully-managed property and why they are the best retirement investments for those who want to save by earning a stable, passive income. The UK’s ageing population is a result of people living longer due to advancements […]

yield on property investment
Investors Are Moving Away From London Because The Yield On Property Investment Is Higher In The North

When you are talking about the UK in terms of the North and the South, it’s like black and white. Whether it is the lifestyle, property market or accents, there is a big difference between North and South. A lot of things differ including the size, economy, and culture, so […]

high yield property investment
Is Property A Good Investment In The UK? The Northern Powerhouse Is Creating New Property Investment Hotspots

A concept announced by former Chancellor George Osborne in 2014, the UK’s Northern Powerhouse and its population of over 15 million people has come a long way, steadily gathering pace as a collective force that could rival the economy in London and the South East. London used to be known […]

best property investments
Buying An Investment Property To Get The Highest Returns

Property investment has been a strong investment asset class for decades, in most cases outperforming many other mainstream forms of investment. The process for buying an investment property has changed a lot over the years simply because the market is always changing. Nevertheless, property investment remains one of the most […]

profitable hotel investments
What Are Hotel Room Investments And Why Are They Profitable?

Hotel room investments are one of the UK’s most profitable property investment sectors and one that is continuing to grow in popularity among a wide-range of property investors, from first-time investors looking to get a quick start in the market, to more experienced investors looking to diversify their portfolio. One […]