Who are Sterling Woodrow and what do they offer?
Sterling Woodrow are a leading independent property consultancy in the UK. We specialize in sourcing thoroughly researched and profitable property investments for our clients. These projects are built by reputable developers and backed up with world-class customer service.

What types of properties can I invest in?
There are many types of properties available to you, they all carry different benefits for the investor, driven by yield, capital growth, and discount ranging from Alternative Investments, Buy-To-Let Property, Commercial Property, Hotel Rooms, Resort Investments, and Student Accommodation.
How do you choose the investment opportunities?
We pride ourselves as a company that produces results. We are constantly approached with new projects, the vast majority of which we reject (for many reasons). Primarily our decision process is governed by our due diligence process which has evolved to what we believe is the best in the industry, aimed at sourcing the best properties for you.
Are the sales handled by UK Lawyers?
Yes, there is always a team of recommended UK lawyers available to assist you. They are experts in their chosen field, they will act on behalf of the investors.
Can I make money during construction?
In most cases the answer is yes however it does depend on the particular project. The amount of interest paid during construction can be as much as 5% on all funds deposited by clients. Please check first with your property consultant for more information.
How am I protected during construction?
All funds are paid into the solicitor client account and only released upon sign off by the architects and surveyor inspection and certification on completion. You are protected with a legal framework and management contract assuring the rental income for a minimum period (depending on the investment structure).
How does Sterling Woodrow make its money?
We earn a commission from the developers of the projects that we market. For some projects, we also charge a client administration fee.
Who manages and maintains my unit?
An expert management company will take care of your unit in the sector you’ve chosen. You will receive detailed information about each development. Simply contact customer support for a more in-depth report on your specific management company.
What happens if a developer goes bust?
In this situation another developer would step in to complete the build. Payments would have been made to the developer in stage payments so there is no loss, as the payment is in line with the construction and therefore is paid only when works are completed.
Who takes care of my income and how am I paid?
The management company will be responsible for taking care of your income and funds are paid directly to the investor generally on a quarterly basis. The terms of your payment will be included in your contract and you will receive income statements throughout the duration of your investment.